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My professional name is John Neystadt, but my friends call me Jenya or Eugene. I was born on 10 October 1976. I live in Israel since year 1990 and before that it was much easier to locate me in Moscow, Russia. In June 1999 I've married Julia. My son Gal was born on April 14, '01. I work in Microsoft development center in Israel.

I specialize in managing development in technology intensive projects. Usually communications and systems programming on Intel platforms. The following is partial list of my areas of expertise:

But that is not all. Apart from computers there are a lot other interesting things in this world. I studied linguistics in Tel-Aviv University. I try to maximize with reading. I like Russian Bards Songs originated from "KSPs" and also I like a lot Classical Music. You can read examples of creation fantasy there.

I like intellectual games, a few of them are presented on Internet by Dmitrii Manin, like Burime (If you aren't native Russian speaker, use English version of Bout rim?). Another activity I enjoy is playing "WWW - What? Where? When?" aka "Chto, Gde? Kogda?" in Russian game, being proud member of VIST team.

I like to travel very-very much. Since 1993, when I started to work I could fund my trips, so at least twice a year, I am pursuing this. Besides Russia where I was born, some trips there (Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Moldova) and Israel where I live, I've been to the USA (both coasts), France, Holland, England, Scotland, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Finland/Lapland, Bulgary, Egypt and Checz. This is the graphical map of places I have been -
create your own visited countries map. There are some pictures available in my photo album from these trips.

As to sports, I like very much winter ones - downhill and country skies, skating. I do rollerblades too. Recently I've got a scuba diving license and hope to mature in this too.

Collecting? I collect coins and family relatives. I will one day catalog my coins, until then no numeric figures. As to genealogy, the computer program I use, told me recently that I am elegible to contribute my database into World Family Tree. This means that I've collected more than 1,100 people. Add to this more than 400 photos I've scanned and this can give a clue how I spend some of my evenings.

Despite the multiple talents of my friends, only a minority of them have created Internet Home Pages, these are few who did:

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