The Origin of Windows NT Name

These are two e-mails that I've received few days ago:
From: Bill Barrett <>


Excuse me if I'm naive' and everyone knew this, but - as you know - Dave Cutler headed the Windows NT development team, after he had headed the VMS dev team at DEC, and....

      V    M    S
      W    N    T
I guess it was the next OS++ in alphabetical order.

Bill Barrett

From: Uri London <>

This is a very old stuff. Anyway, this is just half of the story. About a year and a half after the beginning of the developing process of NT, someone discover that WNT is VMS++. so he asked Dave about that, and his answer was: "wow, It took you too long to find that". Hey, the men kept his mouth close 18 months, just because he wants to discover how long does it takes others to find it out.

Uri London

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