From the "Monday Memo" in the Business Section of the Seattle Times, June 12, 1995:

Three World Leaders

The following appeared in the Financial Times newspaper of London on June 1:

Rather fed up with man's inhumanity to man, God decides to put an end to the world, next Tuesday. To announce his decision, he summons the three most important people on earth: Bill Clinton, Boris Yeltsin and Bill Gates.

Clinton goes home and appears on national television, where he says, "The good news is we are indeed one nation under God. The bad news is that the world ends next Tuesday."

Yeltsin tells his people he has two bits of bad news: "The first is that, as we've come to suspect, our atheist period was a waste of time. The second is that the world ends on Tuesday."

Bill Gates e-mails his followers: "I have two pieces of good news. First, God recognizes our importance, which is good news for God. Second, IBM stops shipping on Tuesday."

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