Parrot and Young Lady

This young lady walks into a pet store to buy a parrot.

The guy behind the counter says that he only has one and that it's a real "smart-ass", with a vulgar vocabulary and rude temperment.

The woman says thats OK I know how to handle assholes like that, I want the parrot anyhow.

So the woman gets the bird home puts it in her room, and starts to get ready for bed. Just as she gets her slacks off the parrot says: "AWK... NICE LEGS BABY" Well the the woman isn't gonna take this shit so she takes the bird out of the cage and puts it in the freezer for 3 min.

While the parrots in the freezer, he becomes real sure that this was the wrong thing to say, and is making a large mental note about saying that again.

The next night, again the woman is getting ready for bed this time the parrot KNOWS not to say any thing about her legs, but after she removes her blouse, and then her bra... the parrot just can't resist any longer. He blurts out "AWK... GREAT TITS BABY LETS SEE YA SHAKE UM".

This once agian gets the woman pissed-off and she decides that instead of 3 min. in the freezer, she is going to keep the parrot in for 5 min.

WELL the parrot has lots of time to think this time, and remorse gives way to desperation, and finally to anger so that the adrenalin will allow him to continue to live.

FINALLY the woman opens the freezer door take out the near frozen parrot and asks... "Well, have you learned your lesson??"

The parrot still shivering and barely able to speak says... "AWK... YEA YEA SURE SURE, BUT I JUST HAVE ONE QUESTION....."

The woman says... "Yes?"


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