John Neystadt Picture Album

These are some pictures I've taken or participated in :-)
Australia, Thailand 2007
Bankgok People
Australian Birds
Bushwalking Australia
Fraser Island
Fraser island is a UN World-heritage listed, largest sand island in the world.
Cuttlefish are strange creatures... Sushi lovers may be familiar with them through sashimi of squids, to which they are related. It was a relatively rare encounter, when multiple cuttlefishes could be seen, unafraid of divers. Possibly they were mating. Cuttlefish are rapidly flushing colors, which are seen as rings running from inside to outside of their bodies (10 rings a second).
Grey Nurse Sharks at Wolf Rocks
Wolf Rocks are two 40 meters rocks barely seen from sea surface. It is said they are named after Captains Cook's crew, who first spotted them
Diving in Ribbon Reefs
Ribbon Reefs at Great Barrier Reef (Port Douglas/Cairns) in Australia are great. I was surprised to discover that they are not substanitally impressive or different, compared to Red Sea reefs, if you dive off the boat from Sharem-al-Sheih.
Slovenia 2006, Motorhome Travel
The pictures in this folder were made by myself, Julia Neystadt, Meir and Masha Pletinsky, Sergey, Inna and Danny Glozshtein.
Vienna, Dublin 2006
Paris 2005
Jardin de Luxemburg
The journal from my trip to Kamchatka is available here. Unfortunetely it is only Russian language at this moment. Where the hell is Kamchatka? See the map in the Google Earth.
Petropavlovk is a typical Russian far east town. All cars have steering wheel on the right-side. A mix of soviet 3 and 5 store block buildings adapted to modern retail nees with neon ads of casions. Lenin's momument still stays in the central plaza of the town.
Ksudach Volcano
Golygino Lake
Mutnovski Volcano
Prague 2004
Grand Canyon 2004
Spain 2003
London 2003
Iraqi War 2003
Well, we had no real use for the masks, but we couldn't miss the opportunity. Probbably significant amount of such a pictures were made that days...
Hong-Kong, Sydney, New-Zealand, Bangkok
New-Zealand, From Chrischurch to Dunedin and Otago
Queenstown to Westport
Tanzania, Kilimanjaro, Safari, 2002/03
Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda are called East Africa. The political borders are colonial scars, since ethnically, linguistically and geographically, there is not significant difference between the three. Well, all you have heard about black continent is true there: poverty, AIDS, tyrants, economic stalemate. What you may have not known, is that it is one of the most beautiful places on Earth, well aware of ecological preservation and extremely comfortable for a white tourist.
Kilimanjaro (see it on Google Earth) is "African Roof", the highest of the continent's three ice capped mountains. The glacier on the summit is melting and is supposed to disappear by 2020. A healthy amateur can reach the summit at 5895 meters. Two thirds of those who attempt, success. We did it in a six day climb. From Kili's slopes you can see mount Meru.
Safari means "Voyage" in Swahili. Thanks to nature conservation measures, Tanzania has many National Parks, with unbelievably rich nature. Almost all the photos were taken from the moving car, you don't have to sit hours in bush to wait for opportunity to take a nice picture.
I don't think it is possible to communicate visually, the pictures you see, when you travel Tanzania by car. I did not managed to do this and I never have seen this on TV. You see a sea of colors on two sides of the road. Colors, colors, colors. Below is the fraction of them.
Insects et co
Sweden, Norway, 2002
Sweden is amazing. They are complete opposite of americans. No fences. No junk food. Great unspoiled nature. No need to mention female sweds :-)
Norway is similar to emmental cheese. Fjords are rising upto 2 km over water. Since they have biggest reserves of oil in western Europe, they have made probabbly almost 1000km of tunnels in the fjords. So between each 500 & 1000 person village you get a 10-15 km tunnel with car passsing only once a few minutes.
Venice, Carnival, 2002
Venice is amazing, but the carnival was a real surprise although our expectations were pretty high already. It was not too commercialized, very butiful and with completely unreal...
Italy, 2001
This was our first trip with Gal. Initially we though a baby would be a burden,.. but it turned out to be a real fun!!
Rome, Florence
Firenzia is a butiful place. The center of the town is a no cars, walking zone. Motorcycles are not cars however and whole town is full of their noise smell of gas. Venezia is the opposite. Because of all the bridges there is no single vehicle in the town, not only cars or motorcycles, but even no bicycles.
Dolomite Alpes
Lago Di Como
Lago Di Como can be called siame Lakes. It is formed, by two beutiful oval lakes connected by their tops. On the peninsula, formed by the connection of the lakes, small town Bellagio is located. In my opinion it is one of most beutifull places in Italy.
Gal Posing
Diving - Some underwater pictures
I've recently bough Niconos camera for underwater photography. These are my first attempts, But there is still long-long way to go for me there :)
Eilat, September 2001
Lapland, Copenhagen, Prague, 2000
Lapland (Yllas)
Lapland is located partly in Finland, partly in Norway. It is a country of snow, forest and reindeers. There are 1.5 million saunas in Finland. We have been about 150km norther than polar circle.
Copenhagen is located on a few islands. There is a law from beggining of 20th century that prohibits building houses higher than 4 floors. So there is no downtown in Copenhagen
Town of ... everything - beer, architecture, music, food, what not.
La Plagne, France, Winter, 2000
Alpes is the best place in the world for skiing, is also not bad for picturing... We went to La-Plagne via Geneve.
Summer and Autumn 99
Honey & Moon
We went for few days to Sinai, and then later for 2 weeks trip to Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessi, USA.
Valley Of Fire, Nevada
Nevada's mountains are similar to Red Mountains of Eilat, but Valley of Fire is even more special.
Seattle, Washington
Beyond hitech, that brings programmers there, Seattle has some additonal attractions....
Fore some unexplanable reason, until now I've placed in this album only non-Israel photos. Its not that there is nothing to picture here, may its because my vacations are usually spend outside of the country.
Winter is borring, the only colors are white and black. On other side it can be fascinating.
Prague-Moscow, October, 1998
Golden Autumn
After living these years in Israel, you begin to forget that besides summer and winter, there are other seasons. Prague, solid green, becomes unbeleivable colorful in autumn...
Leafs on the ground are aestic too...
Lapland, February-March, 1998
This was a dream vacation. Skiis, dogs sleigh, saunas, ice-holes, snow-mobiles, northen-lights... If you are not afraid of -30 degrees Celcius this place is for You.
Spain-France, August, 1997
Holland-Belgium, September-October 1996
Belgium, Bruggie
Ok, ok, I admit. I can't cook. I am not a wine, whiskey or even beer expert. I don't like chumus either. I just like to eat. Its better to be tasty also.
London-Edinburg-Scotland, April 1996

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