John Neystadt Picture Album

These are some pictures I've taken or participated in :-)

I recently enchanced my album, with script which renders it neat one, up to your browser. No Netscape support yet :(.

To view the album choose the browser you have: [ Internet Explorer 4 or later (IE 5.5+ recommended for easier navigation) | Plain Version ]

You can see the album as RSS Feed RSS Feed. This can be used for example to see when new photos are added in RSS compliant sites. Click here to add it to My Yahoo.

For those interested in technical details. The whole album index is kept in one xml file. Perl CGI script generates DHTML using XML::DOM module available at CPAN. The DHTML files operates only at client-side and presents all the functionality of the album using client-side JavaScript.

The scripts used to generate the album and RSS feed are available here.

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