NAME v1.03 - Cyrillic Mail Filter to convert email across cyrillic charsets


Copyright (c) 1998 John Neystadt ( Filters email messages and converts the content across cyrillic charsets accrodingly to specified options.

This script addresses the following problems of cyrillization:

SYNOPSIS [-s] -f[<charset>] -t<charset>



Always transliterate subject


If _F_rom charset is not specified, will use charset from 'Content-Type' header for conversions. Otherwise will ignore the header. AUTO will detect the charset automatically from email body. WIN, KOI8 or ISO will enforce the source charset accordingly.


Convert text _T_o charset, where charset is one of WIN, KOI8, ISO or VOL (e.g. volapuk or translit).


On UNIX to create mail account to-win, which automatically translates all incoming mail, you can use the following:

        to-win: "|./ -fAUTO -tWIN -s | resend"

Good use also is to create majordomo mailing list that auto-transliterates all incoming mail:

        ksp-lat: "|/usr/lib/majordomo/wrapper ./ -fAUTO -tVOL -s | ./resend -l ksp-lat ksp-lat-resend"


This script requires the MIME, Mail, Convert::Cyrillic and HTTP::Headers::UserAgent modules available from CPAN or at