Lingua::DetectCharset - Routine for automatically detecting cyrillic charset.


use Lingua::DetectCharset;

$Charset = Lingua::DetectCharset::Detect ($Buffer);

The returned $Charset is either 'WIN', 'KOI8', 'UTF8' or 'ENG'. The last is return when no single cyrillic token are found in buffer.


This package implements routine for detection charset of the given text snippet. Snippet may contain anything from few words to many kilobytes of text, and may have line breaks, English text and html tags embedded.

This routine is implemented using algorithm of statistical analysis of text, which was proved to be very efficient and showed around 99.98% acccuracy in tests.


John Neystadt <> Portions by M@kr <>


perl(1), Convert::Cyrillic(3).


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